Thirty Seven Years From the Stone

Mark Cox has a wry, deadpan humor, a piercing wit, and a keen knowledge of the contradictions of the human heart. His words sift deep into life, into unconscious motivations, into the elusive countries of sadness and happiness. These poems transcend their own ironies—the intense self-consciousness of an ironizing speaker—to sing with a moving simplicity, with an open and vulnerable voice. Thirty-Seven Years from the Stone confirms Mark Cox's promise and further fulfills his talent.
Edward Hirsch
Winner, 1999 Oklahoma Book Awards

Winner of the 1999 Oklahoma Book Award for poetry given by the Oklahoma Center for the Book. Winner of the Midland Society of Authors Award for Poetry 1999 In this latest, long-awaited collection, Mark Cox delivers a powerful exploration of the vagaries, ironies, and responsibilities of familial and romantic relationships. With humor, tenderness, a dose of terror, and an occasional swerve into the surreal, these poems probe the evolution of self, self-consciousness, and the interior psychological landscape – the effects of our past patterns and influences on the world of the present. By turns humorous and dark, straightforward and oblique, these poems are inventive and intelligent without forsaking accessibility.

120 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

April, 1998

isbn : 9780822956693

about the author

Mark Cox

Mark Cox, professor of creative writing at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, has received many prominent honors and awards. He is the author of three previous books of poetry, including Thirty-Seven Years from the Stone.

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Mark Cox