Models Of Nature

Ecology, Conservation, and Cultural Revolution in Soviet Russia

This book will inspire some readers, it will unmask others, and it will cast yet others into despair. Others will read it as a revelation. But it inevitably had to be written, and lo, it has appeared.
Novyi mir

Models of Nature studies the early and turbulent years of the Soviet conservation movement from the October Revolution to the mid-1930s—Lenin’s rule to the rise of Stalin. This new edition includes an afterword by the author that reflects upon the study's impact and discusses advances in the field since the book was first published.

about the author

Douglas R. Weiner

Douglas R. Weiner is professor of history at the University of Arizona, and the author of A Little Corner of Freedom: Russian Nature Protection from Stalin to Gorbachev. He was awarded the book prize of the Moscow Society of Naturalists, Russia’s oldest scientific society, for the Russian edition of Models of Nature.

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Douglas R. Weiner