Sin Puertas Visibles

An Anthology Of Contemporary Poetry By Mexican Women

Edited By Jen Hofer
. . .be glad of Sin puertas visibles. . . . What are women poets in Mexico doing these days? Lots, it turns out. . . . [The book] suggests that writing among Mexican women is as open and unsettled a field as it is way up here, shooting off toward all points of the clock face other than midnight. Hofer translates with considerable grace.
The Village Voice
Winner, 2004 Eugene M. Kayden National Translation Award

Sin puertas visibles is a fully bilingual anthology that features emerging women poets whose work provides a taste of the adventurous new spirit infusing Mexican literature. All eleven poets represented have had at least one book published in Mexico, yet none of their work has been translated into English until now.

Featuring the work of: Cristina Rivera-Garza, Carla Faesler, Angélica Tornero, Ana Belén López, Silvia Eugenia Castillero, Mónica Nepote, Dana Gelinas, María Rivera, Ofelia Pérez Sepúlveda, Dorantes, and Laura Solózano.

Mexico poesses one of Latin America's most important poetic traditions, but its depth and range are virtually unknown to readers north of the border. Reflecting the diversity and complexity f contemporary mexican poetry, the poems presented here are by turns meditative and explosive, sensuous and inventive, ironic and tender–in short, they are subversive, provocative, and bold.

256 Pages, 6 x 8.2 in.

April, 2003

isbn : 9780822957980

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Jen Hofer

Jen Hofer, a widely published poet and translator, is the author of slide rule and The 3:15 Experiment. She lives in Los Angeles.

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