Founding Families Of Pittsburgh

The Evolution Of A Regional Elite 1760-1910

Rishel's study is thought provoking, well researched, and well written. . . . Likely to become a classic in the study of American class and social mobility.
American Historical Review

As Pittsburgh and its surrounding area grew into an important commercial and industrial center, a group of families emerged who were distinguished by their wealth and social position. Joseph Rishel studies twenty of these families to determine the degree to which they formed a coherent upper class and the extent to which they were able to maintain their status over time. His analysis shows that Pittsburgh's elite upper class succeeded in creating the institutions needed to sustain a local aristocracy and possessed the ability to adapt its accumulated advantages to social and economic changes.

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Joseph F Rishel

Joseph F. Rishel is professor of history at Duquesne University.

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Joseph F Rishel