The Plum Flower Dance

Poems 1985 to 2005

Weaver's life studies and lyrics are imbued with a vivid sense of language, a vivid sense of the world, a vivid sense of their inseparability. And his tonal range—from unabashed passion to the subtlest velleity—is impressive indeed. This is a singular talent.
Henry Louis Gates Jr. on My Father's Geography
Winner of the 2008 Paterson Award for Literary Excellence

Winner of the 2008 Paterson Award for Literary Excellence

“Weaver has crafted a virtual planet in this book with plenty of alternate geographies for readers of all flavors and stripes. Marvelous. Huge. Prodigious.”

—North American Review

136 Pages, 5.6 x 9 in.

November, 2007

isbn : 9780822959793

about the author

Afaa Michael Weaver

Afaa Michael Weaver is the author of numerous poetry collections, including Timber and Prayer: The Indian Pond Poems; My Father’s Geography; The Plum Flower Dance: Poems 1985 to 2005; The Government of Nature, winner of the Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award ; and City of Eternal Spring, winner of the Phyllis Wheatley Book Award. He is alumnae professor of English at Simmons College in Boston. Weaver is the recipient of an NEA fellowship, a Pew fellowship, four Pushcart Prizes, and a Fulbright scholar appointment, among other honors. In 1998, he became the first Elder of the Cave Canem Foundation.

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Afaa Michael Weaver