Domestic Interior

Stephanie Brown is one of my favorite poets. There's something lethally, courageously blunt in her poems. We sense the speaker is tangled in circumstances she can't control, but, like an anthropologist being crushed in the coils of a python, she is still able to comment in the most incisive, satirical, and empathetic ways on the behavior of the creature. Unafraid of naming the ugliness and compromise of human relationships, Brown's tonal palette is a unique hybrid of zany, tragic, sociological, and vengeful. Her star is stationed somewhere in the quadrant of Sylvia Plath and Anne Carson, and it throbs with its own distinctive human brightness.
Tony Hoagland

In painting, a “domestic interior” depicts the inside of a house and its inhabitants going about their daily lives. The poems in Domestic Interior describe the private and sometimes secret spaces in our places of residence and the interior lives of those who live there. Marriage and parenthood, grief, spiritual renewal, community and country are subjects addressed with a satirical eye and emotional insight.

96 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

July, 2008

isbn : 9780822959977

about the author

Stephanie Brown

Stephanie Brown is the author of Allegory of the Supermarket. She has published numerous poems in the American Poetry Review, and her work has been selected for the anthologies American Poetry: The Next Generation; Body Electric: Twenty-Five Years of America’s Best Poetry; and four editions of The Best American Poetry. The recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, Brown is a public library branch manager in Orange County, California.

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Stephanie Brown