Love on the Streets

Selected and New Poems

Praise for South America Mi Hija:"Vividly narrative and intensely lyrical. Her voice and experience are compelling and the nature of her quest moving."
Bloomsbury Review

Love on the Streets is a selection from two of Doubiago's book-length poems, Hard Country and South America Mi Hija and from the collections Psyche Drives the Coast and Body and Soul, plus new poems. Hard Country takes place in 1976, on a journey across the U.S. with a lover, climaxing on the lake where his mother drowned herself when he was ten. South America Mi Hija is a journey the poet made with her 15 year-old daughter to Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Psyche Drives the Coast are poems written while Doubiago lived mainly on the road, and in diverse, passionate communities of poets from Mendocino to the Canadian border. Body and Soul was written while she was a resident of Oregon, and the new poems are written from her present home in San Francisco.

184 Pages, 6 x 9.2 in.

November, 2008

isbn : 9780822960089

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Sharon Doubiago

Sharon Doubiago is the author of three book-length poems: South America Mi Hija; The Husband Arcane: The Arcane of O; and Hard Country. Her poetry collections include: Psyche Drives the Coast: Poems, 1975-1987; Body & Soul; and Greatest Hits, 1976-2003. Doubiago is also the author of two short story collections: The Book of Seeing With One’s Own Eyes and El Ni–o. She is the recipient of three Pushcart Prizes and has twice been nominated for the National Book Award.

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Sharon Doubiago