In Praise of Falling

The focus in Cheryl Dumesnil's poetry is on contemporary subjects in contemporary language—always with fresh understandings and surprising angles and, like all good poetry, with the 'best words in the best order.'
Ed Ochester
Winner, 2008 Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize

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The poems in this collection are the proverbial spring bulbs abandoned in the basement, growing toward a slim crack of sunlight. They are both aware of the limitations of social structures and forcefully committed to breaking out of those traps, urging toward a better way of living. The characters in these poems resist the twenty-first century’s prescription for a life of emotional-spiritual bankruptcy, reaching toward an ever-elusive glimmer on the horizon.

88 Pages, 5.5 x 9 in.

July, 2009

isbn : 9780822960416

about the author

Cheryl  Dumesnil

Cheryl Dumesnil’s books include the 2008 Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize winner, In Praise of Falling, the memoir Love Song for Baby X: How I Stayed (Almost) Sane on the Rocky Road to Parenthood, and the anthology Dorothy Parker’s Elbow: Tattoos on Writers, Writers on Tattoos, co-edited with Kim Addonizio.

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Cheryl  Dumesnil