The Commodification of Academic Research

Science and the Modern University

Edited By Hans Radder
With this pioneering volume, Hans Radder has turned the commodification of research into an issue for the philosophy of science. The contributors present a broad range of views, united by the fact that they take commodification as both a practical problem and a theoretical one. This provocative book will lead us to reevaluate our thinking about the norms of science and how they should relate to new economies of knowledge.
Sergio Sismondo, Queenis University

Selling science has become a common practice in contemporary universities. This commodification of academia pervades many aspects of higher education, including research, teaching, and administration. As such, it raises significant philosophical, political, and moral challenges. This volume offers the first book-length analysis of this disturbing trend from a philosophical perspective and presents views by scholars of philosophy of science, social and political philosophy, and research ethics. The epistemic and moral responsibilities of universities, whether for-profit or nonprofit, are examined from several philosophical standpoints. The contributors discuss the pertinent epistemological and methodological questions, the sociopolitical issues of the organization of science, the tensions between commodified practices and the ideal of “science for the public good,” and the role of governmental regulation and personal ethical behavior. In order to counter coercive and corruptive influences of academic commodification, the contributors consider alternatives to commodified research and offer practical recommendations for establishing appropriate research standards, methodologies and institutional arrangements, and a corresponding normative ethos.

360 Pages, 6.1 x 9.2 in.

May, 2012

isbn : 9780822962267

about the editor

Hans Radder

Hans Radder is professor emeritus in philosophy of science and technology at the Department of Philosophy of VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is the author of many articles and several books, including The World Observed/The World Conceived and The Material Realization of Science: From Habermas to Experimentation and Referential Realism, and editor of The Commodification of Academic Research: Science and the Modern University.

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Hans Radder