The Dottery

This book is a firm pillar in the contemporary feminist movement. However, I hesitate to limit it to feminism because, if taken to its core, it is a battle cry for all human identity and the institutions that shape us all, whatever they may be.
Heavy Feather Review
Winner, 2013 Donald Hall Prize for Poetry

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The Dottery is a tale of dotters before they are born. In this series of prose poems you meet their would-be-mutters, the buoys they will know, their inner warden, and the mutterers who cannot have them. The Dottery itself is a sort-of pre-purgatory, a finishing school for the fetal feminine. The five sections correspond to the conceptual set-ups interrogated within. In “wound,” The Dottery is described, as are its inhabitants and their difficulties. In “Dual,” a gender binary is introduced and (hopefully) eviscerated. “Triage” establishes the issues that plague both the dotters and those who would bring them out into the world—specifically into the idea of America (I’m Erica and I can prefer a hummer to the rose parade”). In “Fear,” failed dotters (out in the world) are described in obit fashion. Finally, in “Thief” one mutterer recounts how she stole her dotter (“a snatched piece”) to become a mutter and chronicles both her desires and regrets.

88 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

September, 2014

isbn : 9780822963196

about the author

Kirsten Kaschock

Kirsten Kaschock is the author of two previous books of poetry: Unfathoms and A Beautiful Name for a Girl. She is also the author of a novel, Sleight, and the chapbook WindowBoxing. Kaschock teaches at Drexel University and lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Kirsten Kaschock