Regionalizing Science

Placing Knowledges in Victorian England

Adds a nuanced layer of understanding to how culture, class, gender and distance were played out . . . deserves to be read by scholars of identity, cultural geography and, especially, nineteenth-century science.
British Society for the History of Science

Victorian England, as is well known, produced an enormous amount of scientific endeavour, but what has previously been overlooked is the important role of geography on these developments.

Naylor seeks to rectify this imbalance by presenting a historical geography of regional science. Taking an in-depth look at the county of Cornwall, questions on how science affected provincial Victorian society, how it changed people’s relationship with the landscape and how it shaped society are applied to the Cornish case study, allowing a depth and texture of analysis denied to more general scientific overviews of the period.

December, 2020

isbn : 9780822966425

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Simon Naylor

Simon Naylor is Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Glasgow.

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Simon Naylor