Science and Culture in the Nineteenth Century

Science and Culture in the Nineteenth Century

An era of exciting and transformative scientific discoveries, the nineteenth century was also a period when significant features of the relationship between contemporary science and culture first assumed form. This book series includes studies of major developments within the disciplines—including geology, biology, botany, astronomy, physics, chemistry, medicine, technology, and mathematics—as well as themes within the social sciences, natural philosophy, natural history, the alternative sciences, and popular science. In addition, books in the series may examine science in relation to one or more of its many contexts, including literature, politics, religion, class, gender, colonialism and imperialism, material culture, and visual and print culture. We invite proposals for monographs from new and experienced scholars. Although we will consider edited collections, the emphasis is on monographs.

Acquiring Editor: Abby Collier

Editorial Board:

  • Robert Brain (University of British Columbia)
  • Pietro Corsi (University of Oxford)
  • Shinjini Das (University of East Anglia)
  • Fa-ti Fan (SUNY Binghamton)
  • Bruce J. Hunt (University of Texas)
  • Myles Jackson (Princeton Institute for Advanced Study)
  • Sally Gregory Kohlstedt (University of Minnesota)
  • Carlos López Beltrán (Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas/UNAM)
  • Lynn K. Nyhart (University of Wisconsin–Madison)
  • Michael A. Osborne (Oregon State University)
  • Gregory Radick (University of Leeds)
  • Marc Rothenberg (Smithsonian Institution Archives)
  • Simon Schaffer (University of Cambridge)
  • Jutta Schickore (Indiana University)
  • Efram Sera-Shriar (Durham University & University of Copenhagen)
  • Ann Shteir (York University)
  • Sally Shuttleworth (University of Oxford)
  • Robert Smith (University of Alberta)
  • Jonathan R. Topham (University of Leeds)

Series Editor

Bernard LightmanYork University

Bernard Lightman is professor of humanities at York University and a past president of the History of Science Society. Among his most recent publications are the edited collections Global Spencerism: The Communication and Appropriation of a British Evolutionist, A Companion to the History of Science, and Science Museums in Transition: Cultures of Display in Nineteenth-Century Britain and America (coedited with Carin Berkowitz). Lightman is also a general coeditor of The Correspondence of John Tyndall and editor of the book series Science and Culture in the Nineteenth Century.

Bernard Lightman