For Current Authors

Once a project has been accepted for production, we require that all final manuscripts and illustrations be prepared in accordance with certain specifications. This is to ensure that your work proceeds efficiently through copyediting and production.

The following documents provide guidance on how to prepare and submit your final manuscript and artwork. Please note that these instructions apply to both single-author works and edited collections. If you have specific questions, please get in touch with your acquiring editor.

Author Questionnaire

The Author Questionnaire is invaluable in helping us to effectively market your book to review media, booksellers, prospective book buyers, for awards, and at conferences.

Download Author Questionnaire

Download Author Questionnaire for Poets

Please complete the questionnaire and email it to your acquisitions editor.  It should be submitted at the same time as your final manuscript.

Cover Design Questionnaire

The questions on the Cover Design Questionnaire will aid in clarifying and targeting the message of your book, thus enabling one of our professional and award-winning designers to communicate that message visually.

Download Cover Design Questionnaire