Poetry Submissions

Established in 1967, the Pitt Poetry Series annually publishes books by poets who have previously published full-length collections of poetry. We pride ourselves on the eclectic nature of our list. We are not tied to any particular style or school of writing, but we do demand that any book of poetry we publish be of exceptional merit.

Manuscripts for the Poetry Series should be sent during the annual submission period of August and September. (Please note: This is one month earlier than in prior years.) The qualification of prior full-length publication is defined as a book of 48 or more pages, exclusive of front matter, in a recognized publisher’s print edition of at least 500 copies.

Final publication decisions by series editor Ed Ochester are made in the months following the submission period, concluding by the following spring. The authors of the manuscripts selected will be contacted by the series editor.

We strongly encourage you to use our Submittable system to enter your manuscript, provide your contact information, and check the status of your submission.

Every year the Pitt Poetry Series receives approximately 1,500 manuscripts. Each is read with the care it deserves, but this number means that we are unable to enter into correspondence of any sort with writers other than those whose manuscripts are accepted for publication.

Hard copies are discouraged but are still acceptable as an alternative to Submittable. You may enclose a self-addressed stamped postcard for acknowledgment of receipt. Send your manuscript to:

Ed Ochester
Editor, Pitt Poetry Series
University of Pittsburgh Press
7500 Thomas Blvd., 4th floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15260


Poets who have not published a book before, or only in limited editions of less than 500 copies, or who have published chapbooks should refer to the rules for our first-book competition, the Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize.