Contemporary Asian Catholics

Contemporary Asian Catholics

Contemporary Asian Catholics will publish scholarly books that explore how the most populous continent, Asia, and the world’s largest religious organization, Catholicism, intersect and redefine each other. Through different case studies, the series aims at redefining ways of approaching and conceptualizing processes through which Asian Catholicism is produced, contested, and shared. It will feature interdisciplinary research on Asian Catholics in contemporary societies, with the aim of understanding the sociocultural dynamics that characterize diverse Catholic communities in Asian and Asian diasporic settings.

The series will foreground scholarly analyses of the lived realities of Asian Catholics, their socioeconomic contributions to Asian and non-Asian societies, their interreligious and political engagements with other Christian denominations and other faith systems, their production of transnational circulations, and their influence on global Catholicism and world Christianity.

Welcoming edited volumes and monographs from new and experienced scholars, the series will focus on scholarship in anthropology, sociology, and other fields in the social sciences while engaging actively with complementary approaches in history, religious studies, and the arts that shed light on the contemporary experiences of Asian Catholics around the world.

Acquiring Editor: William Masami Hammell

Editorial Board

  • Michel Chambon (National University of Singapore)
  • Francis X. Clooney (Harvard Divinity School)
  • Jayeel Cornelio (Ateneo de Manila University)
  • Michael Feener (Kyoto University)
  • Robert W. Hefner (Boston University)
  • Karrie Koesel (University of Notre Dame)
  • Thomas Landy (College of the Holy Cross)
  • Sin Wen Lau (University of Otago)
  • Eugenio Menegon (Boston University)
  • Phi-Vân Nguyen (University of Saint-Boniface)
  • Shanthini Pillai (National University of Malaysia)
  • James Ponniah (University of Madras)
  • Kerry P.C. San Chirico (Villanova University)
  • Jonathan Tan (Case Western Reserve University)
  • Claire T.L. Tran (University of Paris)

Series Editors

Rowena RobinsonIndian Institute of Technology Bombay

Rowena Robinson is professor of sociology in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Her research has focused on the sociology of religion, conversion, and Christianity in India, as well as structural inequality, ethnic conflict, law and minority studies, and gender, kinship, and society. She is the author of Conversion, Continuity, and Change: Lived Christianity in Southern Goa; Christians of India, Tremors of Violence: Muslim Survivors of Ethnic Strife in Western India; and Boundaries of Religion: Essays on Christianity, Ethnic Conflict, and Violence.

Rowena Robinson

Bernardo E. BrownInternational Christian University

Bernardo E. Brown is associate professor of anthropology at the International Christian University in Tokyo. He also serves as one of the coordinators for the Initiative for the Study of Asian Catholics. His research has focused on Catholicism in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia, with a particular interest on transnational religious networks and priestly formation at Asian Catholic seminaries. His publications include the coedited volume Asian Migrants and Religious Experience as well as coedited special issues for the Australian Journal of Anthropology and SOJOURN: Journal of Southeast Asian Studies.

Bernardo E. Brown