Small in Real Life

The varied plots and themes give the book surprising force, and Sather writes with the confidence and verve of a seasoned author. A strong, versatile collection as thought-provoking as it is entertaining.
Kirkus Reviews

Small in Real Life invokes the myth and melancholy of Southern California glamor, of starry-eyed women and men striving for their own Hollywood shimmer and the seamy undersides and luxurious mystique of the Golden State. Exiled to a Malibu rehab, an alcoholic paparazzo spies on his celebrity friend for an online tabloid. Down to her last dollar, a Hollywood hanger-on steals designer handbags from her dying friend’s bungalow. Blinded by grief, an LA judge atones after condescending to a failed actress on a date. When hunger for power, fame, and love betrays the senses, the characters in these nine stories must reckon with false choicesand their search for belonging with the wrong people. Small in Real Life offers an insider’s view of California and the golden promises of possibility and redemption that have long made the West glitter.

168 Pages, 5.7 x 8.7 in.

October, 2023

isbn : 9780822947998

about the author

Kelly Sather

Kelly Sather is a writer, former entertainment lawyer, and screenwriter. Her stories and interviews have appeared in Santa Monica Review, J Journal, Pembroke Magazine, PANK, on ZYZZYVA, and elsewhere. She grew up in Los Angeles and lives in Northern California.

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Kelly Sather