The Origins of Composition Studies in the American College, 1875–1925

A Documentary History

Edited By John C. Brereton
With [this book] John C. Brereton does for composition studies what Gerald Graff and Michael Warner did in 1989 for literary studies: establishes a context for the discipline's institutionalization and professionalism in the academy. The anthology reprints key materials pertinent to the "origins" of composition instruction, with an emphasis on the first year course, focusing on the period in which it acquires a distinct institutional identity.
Composition Studies

This volume describes the formative years of English composition courses in college through a study of the most prominent documents of the time: magazine articles, scholarly reports, early textbooks, teachers' testimonies-and some of the actual student papers that provoked discussion. Includes writings by leading scholars of the era such as Adams Sherman Hill, Gertrude Buck, William Edward Mead, Lane Cooper, William Lyon Phelps, and Fred Newton Scott.

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John C. Brereton

John C. Brereton is professor of English at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

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John C. Brereton