Angel Interrupted

There is a hard and lucid quality in Shepherd's work. The words seem to be burned into the page with lasers, so precise and sharp-edged are they. . . . Shepherd's language is big and torqued with passion, and his images pile densely but are pulled through the text by a strong rope of narrative. . . . These poems are rich, wild, deep, and strong.

Angel, Interupted is Reginald Shepherd’s second poetry collection. The poems are lyrical, streetwise and contemporary, yet timeless, classically referential, and introspective.

96 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

October, 1996

isbn : 9780822956143

about the author

Reginald Shepherd

Reginald Shepherd (1963-2008) was the author of five previous books of poetry: Fata Morgana; Otherhood; Wrong; Angel, Interrupted; and Some Are Drowning. His work has been widely anthologized, and has appeared in four editions of The Best American Poetry and two Pushcart Prize anthologies.

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Reginald Shepherd