Brave Disguises

It is very rare that a poet is able to meld the poetry of the body and the poetry of the mind. I believe Jacobik has done so in Brave Disguises, and has done so gracefully.
Marilyn Chin
Winner, 2001 Donald Hall Prize for Poetry

Winner of the 2001 Associated Writing Programs’ Award in Poetry Selected by Marilyn Chin A poet with an artist’s eye, a painter with an ear for language, Gray Jacobik creates poems out of the mundane and extraordinary moments of our lives. Mirroring the structure of a Pollock painting, elegizing Larry Levis and avocados, reflecting on Johnny Depp’s “terribly surreal” life, embarking upon a seventy-two-line meditation on the color blue, exposing a lover’s—or a mother’s—secrets, Jacobik’s poems are mature, elegant, and crackling with energy.

88 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5 in.

July, 2002

isbn : 9780822957881

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Gray Jacobik

Gray Jacobik, a professor of literature at Eastern Connecticut State University, received the Juniper Prize for her The Double Task and the X. J. Kennedy Poetry Prize for The Surface of Last Scattering.

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Gray Jacobik