The Ephrata Commune

An Early American Counterculture

Alderfer's story of Ephrata is essentially the biography of Conrad Beissel. . . . This small volume gives a vivid picture of the founding, development, economy, calligraphy, printing, music, theology, inner tensions, and self destruction of this holy experiment.
Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography

Tells of the founding and subsequent history of Ephrata, a mystical religious community that flourished in eastern Pennsylvania in the mid-eighteenth century. Its leader, Conrad Beissel, a German Pietist who came to America in 1720 seeking spiritual peace and solitude. Settled in Lancaster County, his talents and charisma attracted other German settlers who shared his vision of a community built in the image of apostolic Christianity.

288 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

October, 1985

isbn : 9780822958017

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E.G. Alderfer

E.G. Alderfer

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E.G. Alderfer