For a Limited Time Only

Long one of our liveliest, most readable poets, Ron Wallace, in For a Limited Time Only, enters the dark woods of Mr. Grim, where three bad wolves-Age, Loss, and Illness-wait to swallow him. Never fear. Keeping his formidable wit about him, Wallace writes his way out of all three bellies, and-sadder, a little grayer, but still unbowed-springs back 'into the dust and sun-struck air' of the world that he helps us to love.
Charles Harper Webb
Winner of the 2009 Outstanding Achievement in Poetry
Winner of the 2008 Posner Book-Length Poetry Award

For a Limited TIme Only, Ronald Wallace's eighth collection of poems, is perhaps his darkest and most meditative to date, focusing his experiences with illness, old age, and mortality; his father-in-law's death after a long bout with Alzheimer's; his step-father's death after a painful struggle with esophageal cancer, his own bout with prostate cancer. These personal experiences form the core of the first three sections of the book, but are mediated by theological and philosophical speculations that find further voice in the character of a “Mr. Grim,” whose angry, self-pitying, gruff, comic, self-depreciating, nostalgic, defeated, and hopeful riffs on the human condition provide a bridge to the affirmative, often comic, close. In the final two sections, in poems in praise of his dentist, his barber, his wife, his grandparents, the morpheme, Mr. Malaprop, Pluto, tattoos, hamburger heaven, sex talk, and poetry itself, Wallace once again proves the resilience of hope and humor in what is, for him, finally a world of wonders.

104 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

August, 2008

isbn : 9780822959960

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Ronald Wallace

Ronald Wallace is the author of numerous books of poetry, including, most recently, For a Limited Time Only. He is codirector of the creative writing program, Halls-Bascom Professor of English, and Felix Pollak Professor of Poetry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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