This debut collection is nearly perfect-measured, never pretending to ask more than it can deliver, and yet producing poem after proportional poem with a satisfying precision . . . Jueds tackles everything with a strong, sure intelligence, unravelling the 'reverse sides' in order to see how the world works . . . Kasey Jueds is a keeper.
Georgia Review
Winner, 2012 Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize

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The poems in Keeper explore, and long for, intimacy: with nature, with others, with the unknown. They delve into purely dark spaces (the insides of birdhouses and mailboxes, caves of prehistoric paintings) and in-between places, searching out, as Paul Eluard put it, the other world inside this one, pointing to the pervasive sensuality that connects all beings, and to the fact that essential goodness and sorrow often walk hand in hand.

88 Pages, 6 x 8.5 in.

October, 2013

isbn : 9780822962564

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Kasey Jueds

Kasey Jueds is the author of Keeper, which won the 2012 Agnes Lynch Starrett Prize. She lives in New York state’s Catskill Mountains.

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Kasey Jueds