What a gorgeous and ambitious poem this is—an elegy, a calendar, an enactment of beauty, a tribute to singers and musicians and those who love them, a musical compilation, a meditation on friendship and art, an evocation of hopefulness and the possibility of enhanced life, a summoning . . .
Lee Upton

Lee Upton

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11 / 22 / 17
A good day for a drive to the country
underneath the apple tree with Carmen McRae
proving you can sing and talk at the same time
“and hear the bluebirds sing” she sings as if
there were a hyphen separating “blue” from “birds”
and we “shoot up” with summertime

72 Pages, 6 x 9 in.

April, 2019

isbn : 9780822965848

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David Lehman

David Lehman’s books include One Hundred Autobiographies: A Memoir and Playlist: A Poem. He is the editor of The Oxford Book of American Poetry and series editor of The Best American Poetry. He has written nonfiction books about the New York School of poets, classic American popular songs, Frank Sinatra, and mystery novels, among other subjects.

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David Lehman