Abby Collier

Since the 1960s the Press has published important work on topics central to general philosophy of science and in closely related areas of philosophy. Building on this distinguished program, I acquire new books in the history and philosophy of science, technology, and medicine and overseeĀ five related book series. I invite proposals for new manuscripts on a wide range of subjects that explore the development of scientific thought and practice across broad spans of time, geography, and diverse cultures. Titles that are globally informed and reach across traditional disciplinary boundaries are welcome. I also consider innovative scholarship for our Culture, Politics, and Built Environment series, as well as histories of architecture and the built environment that complement my other areas of acquisition or that have regional interest for the Press.

I come from three generations of printers, earned my MA in editorial studies from Boston University, and am a proud advocate of authors and books. I joined Pittsburgh in 2013 from the University of Chicago Press, where I worked in the sciences group of the books division and acquired new manuscripts in geography and cartography.