Nature From Within

Gustav Theodor Fechner And His Psychophysical Worldview

A brilliant book. . . . No historian of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century German science and philosophy can afford to ignore it.
British Journal for the History of Science

Gustav Theodor Fechner (1801-1887) was a German physicist, psychologist, and philosopher, best known to historians of science as the founder of psychophysics, the experimental study of the relation between mental and physical processes. Michael Heidelberger’s exhaustive exploration of Fechner’s writings, in relation to current issues in the field, successfully reestablishes Fechner’s place in the history and philosophy of science.

456 Pages, 6.1 x 9.2 in.

February, 2004

isbn : 9780822942108

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Michael Heidelberger

Michael Heidelberger, professor of philosophy at the University of TĂĽbingen, is the author of numerous works on the philosophy of science.

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Michael Heidelberger