Endurable Infinity


Tony Kitt’s Endurable Infinity is a pyrotechnic display of delirious volcanic eruptions that illuminate the surreal underbelly of words. His dazzling bursts of imagery take us from the outside looking in to the inside looking out in the way ‘A magician pulls you from a hat.’ Kitt’s sharp, satirical juxtapositions grow eyes on trees, signaling to us like ‘dollar-sign smoke rings from Magritte’s pipe.’ The brilliant barbs of insight buried in these quick lines pay impressive dividends upon a close reading.
Charles Borkhuis, author of Dead Ringer

In Endurable Infinity, Tony Kitt creates his own tangential surrealism through wonder, intuition, and surprising connections. If the original surrealists of the 1930s sought to unleash the unconscious mind by bringing elements of dreams to the waking world with jarring juxtapositions, Kitt’s poetry is more about transmutation, or leaps, from word to word and phrase to phrase. He takes American poet Charles Borkhuis’s statement that contemporary surrealist poets write “from inside language” as a challenge and a call to action.

79 Pages

November, 2022

isbn : 9780822966951


about the author

Tony Kitt

Tony Kitt lives in Dublin, Ireland. His poetry chapbook The Magic Phlute was published by SurVision Books in 2019. He edited the anthology Invasion: Ukrainian Poems about the War (SurVision Books, 2022). His poems have been translated into Italian and Romanian and appear in Oxford Poetry, the North, Plume, Poetry Ireland Review, the Prague Revue, Cyphers, Under the Radar, the American Journal of Poetry, Stride, and other journals and anthologies.

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Tony Kitt