New Book: Writing against Racial Injury

New Book: Writing against Racial Injury

New Book: Writing against Racial Injury

Hoang Writing Against Racial Injusry

Writing against Racial Injury

The Politics of Asian American Student Rhetoric

Haivan V. Hoang

“Hoang offers an insightful thick description of Asian American activism rhetoric at the sites of language and literacy production. It teaches us to rethink what we mean by ‘student writing’ and the ‘teaching of writing’ in light of a broad range of self-sponsored, extracurricular rhetorical acts by Asian American activists.”
—Min-Zhan Lu, University of Louisville

Bringing together language and literacy studies, Asian American history and rhetoric, and critical race theory, Hoang uses historiography and ethnography to explore the politics of Asian American language and literacy education: the growth of Asian American student organizations and self-sponsored writing; the ways language served as thinly veiled trope for race in the influential Lau v. Nichols; the inheritance of a rhetoric of injury on college campuses; and activist rhetorical strategies that rearticulate Asian American racial identity.

University of Pittsburgh Press